Israel Demands a King

LESSON: Israel Demands a King

Big Idea of the Week: 

God is all-knowing, so I can go to Him for wisdom.  This week, Casey presents Cory with five boxes. He gets to pick one box and has to eat whatever is inside. Spoiler. He chooses the box with dehydrated worms (they're edible, don't worry). Now, Casey knows that one of the boxes has a cupcake inside - so she lets Cory choose again and offers to give her opinion on what he should choose. He takes her up on the offer and ends up with a cupcake because Casey knew what Cory didn't. It's the same in the story of Israel asking for a king. God knew what Israel didn't. Unfortunately, they didn't listen to Him. But we can. Join us this weekend to discover why we should always go to God for wisdom.