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Welcome to Whirl Lectionary

2018 Children's Faith Formation Kicks-off with New Curriculum

August 5, 2018

By, Patty Cole, Director of Faith Formation


We have a new curriculum for our kids, ages 4 through 5th grade. It is called “Whirl Lectionary.” Every week, the Church School lessons are based on the same readings found in the Revised Common Lectionary. This means that the kids will hear the same messages that the adults will hear in the service.


Some answers to questions you may have:


1.    Wait! What is the Revised Common Lectionary?

It is a three-year compilation of readings from the Bible that many protestant denominations use when planning their services. Each year focuses on either the book or Matthew, Luke, or Mark. This year, the entire Book of Mark is covered. Each week also has selections from the Old Testament, Psalms, and Epistle readings. It is based on the seasons of the church and the life of Christ. The readings for each week are selected because they tie together well, enhancing your understanding.


2.    Do we use the Lectionary at ACC?

Yes we do, but not always. Sometimes Pastor Jim will have a special service and plan accordingly. For example, when we had a special Sunday to focus on the meaning of Communion, or during the Be the Church series.


3.   Why is it good to have a Lectionary based curriculum for the children?

The children will hear the same readings and messages that their parents will hear in the service. This consistency is important, as many feel that when parents talk to children about the Bible and their faith at home, it helps the child grow in faith and knowledge. Parents may not be able to discuss what their children learned if everyone is learning different things.

Also, using a Lectionary based curriculum for children ensures that they are learning from the Old and New Testaments each week, providing a broader understanding of the Bible, and the seasons of the church.


4.    Why did we pick the Whirl curriculum in particular?

The Whirl curriculum is very good at helping the kids relate the Biblical messages to their everyday lives. The print materials are fresh and current. The kids see a fun and engaging cartoon every week that goes with each lesson. The lesson plans for the teachers are well written, and the activities and crafts are good but simple. Also, we were able to buy just one season to try it out.


5.    What is the colorful piece of paper the kids always have?

It is called a “leaflet.” It has activities that the kids use in class. On the back, it has activities and discussion starters for kids to do with parents at home.


6.    What are the lessons like?

Everything the kids do is related to the lectionary readings and messages of the day. Each lesson is divided into four parts:


  • WELCOME Kids are invited to look at the liturgical calendar, do a warm-up activity, see the cartoon video, and discuss.
  • HEAR Kids use the Bible (or a story Bible for little ones) to look up and read the Biblical selection, followed by more activities and discussion. The older kids are learning to use the Bible by doing it every week.
  • RESPOND Kids use their leaflet to do a game or craft that is related to the message.
  • LAUNCH Kids and teachers summarize the messages and pray before dismissal.


7.    What about service projects to help others?

We will still continue to do the work of God with our own hands, throughout the year. Some of the new lessons have service projects built right in, especially in November, as the readings from the lectionary encourage just that.


8.    Any bells and whistles?

Yes, plenty! The program comes with music, Children’s Messages, and activity pages that we put in the Narthex every week.


9.    How can I learn more?

Definitely!  Hear is a video that explains the curriculum:

Meet the Characters

Here is a short video that shows you what the cartoons are like: