Solar Energy Project

Atkinson Congregational Church's Solar Energy Project

Two years ago we began a campaign to go greener – reducing our energy consumption (and cost) while also being more climate friendly. We have already replaced all the lighting in the Sanctuary and Lovejoy Hall with brighter and more efficient LED bulbs. Next up is a more ambitious project: installing solar panels to reduce our energy consumption and exist in a more eco-friendly way.  


Leveraging Solar Energy

Partnering with a local, established contractor, we will install solar panels on both the barn roof at Tuthill House (our Christian Education building) and the parsonage. Together these panels will be capable of generating more than 11,000 watts of power. They will offset about 70% of our total electrical usage for all three buildings. Please note that there are no plans for panels on the church building itself or on the ground. 

Raising $54,000

We appreciate your continued support of The Light on the Hill. Will you partner with us as we seek to raise the $54,000 needed for this project? If we are able to fully fund this up front, the church will realize the cost benefit immediately, while also offsetting 14,700 pounds of CO2 annually. Rest assured we are also seeking applicable rebates and grants to help fund this project.   


I invite you to prayerfully consider your response to this special appeal to help us better serve our community and planet. We would love for you to be a part of this exciting next chapter in the life of Atkinson Congregational Church! Gifts can be pledged now, with up to three months to fulfill your gift.


Can we count on your support? 

Your tax-deductible donations can be accepted on our giving webpage or you can also send your gift to the church office at 101 Main St., Atkinson, NH 03811.  Be sure to list your gift as a “Designated Gift” and note that it is for the solar project.


God bless you and thank you, 


Pastor Jim 

Rev. Jim Thomas 

Pastor and Teacher, ACC