Make a Not To Do List

Advent Day 8:

Make a "Not To-Do" List

If you find yourself with endless "to-do" lists during Advent, consider making a "not-to-do" list.   It can be a fun way to turn off worry and the tendency to over-book during the season.  What are the things you and your family want to be intentional about NOT doing this Advent season?  


Maybe your list will say - "Do not":

  • spend to much time shopping
  • worry
  • over schedule


Consider what takes away from the real meaning of the Advent season and put that on the list.   The "not-to-do" list can be individual or a family list. 

Sometimes the best way to figure out what TO DO, is to first determine what not to do.   End your "no-to-do" list with a reminder that God is with us throughout the season, no matter what we do (or don't do!).