New Youth Group Coming to ACC

New Youth Group Coming to ACC

Atkinson, Hampstead and East Derry Join Forces

October 15, 2018

By, Patty Cole, Faith Formation Director

"When I think about the church, I think about the important impact my youth group had on my life. I had a super-tight-knit group of friends who were on fire about our faith. Unlike my high school friendships, the bonds made in youth group were so much more intimate and open."

The above quote is from a 21 year-old from Mississippi, where many churches have active youth groups. And now you can join one too!  The UCC churches of Atkinson, Hampstead, and East Derry have joined together to create a new youth group for people grades 6-12.

Got questions? Perhaps this will help:

What is a church “youth group?”

Youth group is a safe and engaging place where people your age can meet new friends, discuss topics of faith, play fun games, eat food, and work together on service projects.

Why do people like youth group?

Youth group is not just another activity to add to your schedule or put on your college application. It is about exploring your faith and building friendships. Perhaps you are interested in meeting other people your age who are Christian. Perhaps you just want to have fun with other kids. Perhaps you are looking for more ways to connect your faith to real-life. These are some of the reasons why people like youth group.

What will we do at the first meeting?

Every youth group is a little different, because the students are involved in planning and deciding on its activities. At the first meeting, we will play some games and share ideas for the year. And we will eat!

Where will we meet?

The meetings will be in the teen spaces at each of the three churches. We will rotate through.

Will we have field trips?

Yes. We will do service related trips and perhaps Christmas or Easter related trips. We shall decide together.

Can I bring friends that are not from my church?

Absolutely! In fact, we hope that you do. They will need to bring a signed permission slip - found here.

Who are the adults that will be there?

Mrs. Cole will be there from our church, as well as Christine Lehoullier, the CE Director from E.Derry and a youth volunteer from Hampstead.

When are the meetings?

We plan to do one/month, on Sunday evenings. We have two scheduled so far:

Sunday, October 28, 5:00-7:00 p.m. in E.Derry

Sunday, December 2, 5:00-7:00 p.m. in Atkinson

What if I miss the first one?

That’s ok! Come when you can.

Can I get a ride to E.Derry for the first meeting?

Yes. Please contact Mrs. Cole ASAP so she can plan.

How do I sign up?

Please RSVP to Mrs. Cole.

Please bring a completed permission slip.

What if I have more questions?

Contact Mrs. Cole at: or talk to her at church.