Church School

  • The people of Israel were enslaved to the Egyptians for centuries.  They cried out to God and He rescued them in the most incredible way.  He sent ten devasting plagues upon the Egyptians.  When the Egyptians pursued them, God parted the Red Sea so they could cross on dry ground.  But then, when they reached the desert, the people started to grumble.  They were hungry and thirsty and became convinced that God brought them to the desert to die.  But God provided - even in the desert, even despite their grumbling.  Our God is generous God.  We can trust that He'll provide.  

  • Just as God rescued Israel out of their slavery in Egypt, He offers to rescue us from slavery to sin.  Isn't that amazing? If you've never made the decision to follow Him, we are praying that you will TODAY! 

  • The people of Isreal were slaved in Egypt for four hundred years.  They cried out to God and begged Him to rescue them.  God heard their cry and chose a man named Moses to lead them out of bondage.  But the Pharoah wasn't that keen to let his labor force go, so God unleashed a series of ten devasting plagues upon the Egyptians.  He gave Pharoah ten chances to repent - to change his ways.  Pharoah refused and, in the end, God proved Himself to be more powerful than Pharoah. 

  • God asked Moses to do something HUGE - and Moses was, understandably, terrified.  But God promised to be with him.  And he promises to be with us which means we can have the courage to do whatever He calls us to do. 

  • Joseph was betrayed by his brothers.  They sold him into slavery.  He was then accused of a crime he did not commit and was abandoned and forgotten for years.  But God raised him up into leadership before coming face to face with his brothers.  They didn't recognize him.  Joseph could have held his brothers' sin against them - but he didn't. He forgave them.