Church School

  • This really is the most wonderful time of the year – because God came down to be with us! But – even better – He came to shine a light into our darkness. The shepherds experienced that firsthand when a host of angels appeared to them and declared the glory of God. Their light shone into the darkness of the night – but even that was nothing compared to the light Jesus brought to the darkness of our sin.

  • Can you imagine what it must have been like to hear that God intended you to parent His Son?! Mary and Joseph weren’t even married yet. They hadn’t, well, been together. But nothing is impossible for God. He chose a godly man and a godly woman to raise up His Son. He has already done the impossible – at least by human standards. We can trust that He can do the impossible in our lives, too.

  • Jesus shouldn’t have come as a surprise. God had been promising to send a Savior for ages. He gave glimpses of what He intended to do through dozens of men and women over centuries. Isn’t that amazing? God didn’t leave us in the dark. He was always shining a light ahead – giving us shadows of what He intended to do. But, praise God, He did it in Jesus. He kept every one of His promises. That’s why we can trust in Him. He’s done what He promised in the past. We can be confident that He’ll keep His promises in the future.

  • Israel wanted a king. They wanted to be like all of the other nations. God warned them that a king would be a terrible idea – but they insisted. It went horribly wrong. So often we think we know best for ourselves – but we don’t. Rather than praying for what we want, let’s pray for wisdom. Let’s ask God to do what is best for us – and trust that His best is better than our notion of “best.”

  • God had a plan and a purpose for Samuel. He called Him to lead and to serve. You may not hear the audible voice of God the way Samuel did – but He is calling you, too. He has a plan and a purpose for you. He intends to use the gifts, abilities and passions He’s given you for His glory and the good of others. And He has a plan and purpose for your children. He created them with a vision for their lives. Isn’t that amazing? He calls each of us by name – with a plan and for a purpose.