Church School

  • Happy Easter! This weekend we are a celebrating the greatest event in human history – the resurrection of Jesus! The empty tomb declares that Jesus has defeated death once and for all. It declares that life – eternal life – is available in Him. It is the best news ever and we can’t wait to celebrate it with your children!

  • Jesus underwent indescribable suffering for us. He went through an illegal trial by night. He endured the crown of thorns, a horrible beating, the weight of the heavy crossbeam, and the nails in his hands and feet. This is what our Savior went through for us. He died the death we deserved to die so we don’t have to. He suffered for us – and sometimes following Him means we suffer too.

  • Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey the week before He was crucified. That might seem like no big deal but it actually was – it fulfilled an Old Testament prophecy that basically declared Jesus was King. And the crowd went wild! They got it. They understood exactly what was going on! By the way, this was a totally different crowd than the one calling for his crucifixion less than a week later. No, no. This crowd had it right – or almost right. They thought Jesus was going to overthrow their Roman occupiers. But Jesus came to do so much more. He came to overthrow sin. He’s a better king than we ever imagined. He’s not just the king of Israel – He’s the King of the universe!

  • Last week we looked at the first two parables in a three-part series. In the first parable, a shepherd leaves 99 sheep in search of one. In the second, a woman sets aside 9 coins in search of one. This one rounds out the series. It’s more intimate. A man has two sons – and one runs away. The father never fails to love his son. He waits and hopes and prays that his son will come home. When his son finally returns, his father doesn’t condemn or admonish his wayward son. He throws him a party. He celebrates his return. That’s what Jesus does when we turn back to Him.

  • Luke 15 is one of the most interesting chapters in the entire Bible because Jesus tells three back-to-back parables. We’re talking about the first two this week (we’ll talk about the third next week). Jesus tells about a shepherd leaving 99 sheep to go in search of one lost sheep. Then He tells about a woman setting aside 9 coins in search of one lost coin. When the lost sheep and the lost coin are recovered, the result is the same. The one seeking the lost rejoices!