Blue Christmas Service

Atkinson Congregational Church

to Host

‘Blue Christmas – Longest Night’ Service

Not everyone sees the holidays as a time of celebration, joy, and togetherness. In fact, it can feel quite the opposite. If this sounds like you, please join us Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021, at 7 p.m. for Atkinson Congregational Church’s Blue Christmas – Longest Night Service. This in-person service will also be streamed online, accessible here.


“Loneliness and sadness can be huge triggers this time of year. So can the pressures to do everything, from being the perfect host and buying amazing gifts to traveling to visit family or saying yes to every event. The pandemic has also magnified a sense of loss and isolation for many, so this service is especially needed this year,” said Pastor Jim Thomas. “Our ‘blue’ service aims to acknowledge what you may be feeling, while still recognizing that part of the reason for Jesus’ coming is to bring comfort and hope, and to restore those who feel broken or broken hearted. Gentle support is what this brief service is designed to provide, while reminding folks that Jesus is the light of the world that no darkness can overcome.”


More than 60 years ago, Elvis Presley recorded “Blue Christmas,” which speaks of loneliness that some people experience during the holiday season. The song is the inspiration for Blue Christmas services adopted by Christian churches over the years, usually offered near the longest night of the year, which is typically Dec. 21.