Church Office Hours:  

Monday thru Thursday  8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Voicemail is always available, so if someone cannot immediately answer the phone, please leave a message and we will try to call you back as soon as possible.
Phone: (603) 362-5519
Fax: (603) 362-4451

Office Email:


Light on the Hill Newsletter:

Our monthly newsletter is available through e-mail, and is also at our "newsletter" link on the website.  Sign up here to receive a copy.

General Information for Reference:

Church Calendar: please check in with the church office before scheduling a meeting or church event; this prevents possible conflicts, and ensures that the Pastor is available to meet with you if necessary.

Newsletter Deadline:  always the 15th of the month prior to newsletter issue!

Sunday Bulletin Deadline:   Wednesday morning - 9:00 AM

Minutes of Committee Meetings:   committees should please provide minutes to the office as soon as possible after meetings, for distribution to the other committees, and better communication between us all

Facility Usage Application:

Click here to download our facility use form
(Fee Schedule is on page 2)


Tent Rental Application:

Click here to download our tent rental application
(Fees: $75 for church members; $100 for non-members)