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For a daily devotional blog from, click HERE . It doesn't take a lot of time to incorporate scripture into your daily life. 
Please pray for Faoziatou Rouamba, an 13-year-old Compassion International child who lives in Africa and who our church supports. The children in our COOL Kids youth group recently made her a birthday card and wrote her letters. Faoziatou writes that she and her family are doing "fine" and that she looks forward to hearing from us. She asks for our prayers that she will do well in school and be obedient to God.
Adult Class: Explore "Ten Questions that Christians Are Asking" during a book discussion group with Jeaneane Tracy and Chris Duerr on the third Sunday of each month starting at 8:45 a.m. in Tuthill House. 
Youth Groups: Sign up your 3rd to 5th-grade children for our COOL Kids youth group that meets after school twice a month on Mondays or our YES_MS group that meets one Sunday a month by contacting
R.O.C.K: A support group for parents, ROCK- Raising Our Christian Kids, was started last year by Karen Bowden and Shirley Orio. Do you need to vent, laugh, fellowship with Christian children, or just get some adult time? You can do all that here. Last year the group made gingerbread houses and had "gift" swaps. Contact the office at to sign for e-mails about upcoming events.
If church school and/or church are cancelled, parents and teachers will be notified through a phone message on their cell phones. A few parents  requested notification on a home phone instead will be called on their home phone.  If there is power, cancellations will also be posted in parent/teacher e-mails and on the Christian Education Main Page on the church website at