About Us

Atkinson Congregational Church has been a "Light on the Hill," drawing people to worship since 1772. We welcome ALL people to our historic and very active church. It is a place of comfort and strength, reaching out to members from many communities.



  • 1767 Town of Atkinson is Incorporated
  • 1768 Town’s first “meeting house” is built
  • 1772 Atkinson Congregational Church is organized; First pastor, Rev. Stephen Peabody, is called and ordained
  • 1787 Rev. Peabody helps to found the Atkinson Academy and serves as its first Headmaster
  • 1791 Atkinson Academy becomes the 2nd co-educational school in the U.S. Today it is the oldest standing co-educational school in the nation.
  • 1834 The Congregational Society of Atkinson is formed
  • 1835 Present church building is built on land donated by Joseph B. Cogswell
  • 1879 Church building is remodeled and refinished
  • 1897 Chapel is added to the church building and dedicated
  • 1888-1956 Parsonage is built on church property and used as Pastors’ residence until the death of Rev. Tuthill.  Since then has been used continuously for Christian Education.
  • 1966 Present parsonage at 99 Main St. is built
  • 1946-1967 Atkinson Congregational Church is yoked together with Hampstead Congregational Church for financial reasons
  • 1980 Fellowship Hall is built during the ministry of Rev. Peter Lovejoy; Rededicated as Lovejoy Hall in October of 2004, with Rev. Lovejoy present
  • 1984-1986 Extensive renovation of sanctuary and vestibule, with consultation of SPNEA (The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities)
  • 1988 Steeple is rebuilt and rededicated, engineered by church parishioner Maurice Bresnahan
  • 1997 225th anniversary of ACC is celebrated
  • 1999 Present pastor, Rev. Paul H. Dionne, is called and installed as the church’s 25th pastor
  • 2004-2008 Rev. William Wildman and Caroline Anderberg serve as Associate Pastors
  • 2008 Karen McLain begins work as Christian Education Director
  • 2015 Rev. Paul H. Dionne retires after 16 years of dedicated service
  • 2015 Rev. Bob Macfarlane joins our community as interim minister
  • 2017 Patty Cole answers Call to become new Christian Education Director